Trafficking Of Natural ResourcesThis essay will outline trafficking of natural resources in particularly focusing in on diamond smuggling often known as conflict diamonds. It will examine to what extent is diamond smuggling transnational, organised and criminal.

Natural resources such as raw materials boarding blood diamonds have increased rate of phenomena over recent years through .

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This trade on occasions where conflict is unprotected by weapons is encountered and the diamonds are used to fund for artilleries on armed struggle. According to Smillie(2010:p17) study: he illustrated diamond smuggling established in countries ,for example Sierra Leone,Domincan Republic of Congo and South America. The primary reason he suggested that it takes places is evidently to finance military groups to strengthen civil war. Smillie, Gberie and Hazleton(2000:p40) identified the extent of how conflict diamonds are transnational through the origin of the illicit trade from Sierra Leone and how it expanded to other territories.

They illustrated the diamonds discovered in Sierra Leone were by a small a group of individuals who were on a geological survey 27 Jan 2011 - One of the unpleasant aspects of this progress is that it requires use of a great deal of natural resources. Is it possible to In order to do this, people just have to realize what consequences their actions may have and understand that it is not only nature that suffers, but he or she as well. People usually care .

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Smillie, Gberie and Hazleton: 2000:p40 illustrate the attention of this trade became known to the De-Beers controlled consolidated African section trust(CAST). This organisation massed a large sector of the trade and was eventually the proficient leaders of diamond smuggling in African continents .

The research of academics outlined that Sierra Leone sold the diamonds to their neighbouring countries Liberia two years later. This evidently depicts how the formation of trade exists in one state but takes place in another which is unknown to outsiders. Theoretically with reference to academics Smillie, Gberie and Hazleton(2000:p40) they outlined how Sierra Leones first transition of the trade was sold: generated an ongoing develop which is still today used to protect conflict zones.

The exploration of smuggling diamonds is transnational, is implemented through the structural process of exchanging diamonds for artilleries from different countries There is no limit to spend natural resources. We will write a custom essay sample on. Natural Resources. or any similar topic only for you. Order Now. if available plenty but at the same time one should realize that natural resources are non-renewable sources. The future also depends on such resources. Every individual .

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This process was a barrier that distinguished the use of the diamonds being imported and exported from Africa to South America including Europe. It consisted of the utmost imperative diamond generating countries.

Siegel,Nelen(2007:p88) stated the regulating of the movements of the drugs was applicable to the countries that assigned to the Kimberley process which was supported by the UN. However, greater academic understanding of how the trade is transnational and described the phenomena as being limited from the full extent of conflict diamonds taking place.

In addition to the Kimberly process which was a decade ago: research academics Siegel,Nelen(2007:p88) outlined diamond smuggling was not on the signed agenda of this process conversely it exists transnationally amongst the countries which are not assigned on the Kimberley process Natural resources are the greatest treasures of the humankind our everyday life fully depends on them but where do they come from what role do they play in our. College natural resource management essay example and sample essay on biological resource management for free order 100% original custom essays, .

Belgische Senaat (2002:p89) as cited in Siegel and Nelen(2007:p89) argued that the lack monitoring by officials for the origins of diamonds and the issuing of certificates to authenticate conflict diamonds into another neighbouring country.

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The first element is the origins of where the diamonds have eradicated from cannot be identified. In addition, he stated the second element is that false Kimberley process certificates are used which is the development of organised crime.

This academic examined the aspect of these certificates enabled is that a different locality is used to state the origin of the diamond to provide legal status. However, Belgische Senaat (2001) as cited in Siegel and Nelen (2007:p89) noted a third distinction which is known by the term 'whitewashing'. This is explores the primary to the extent where through natural resources such as diamond smuggling are transnational.

The trade of diamond smuggling which are known as conflict diamonds are smuggled to neighbouring countries where there are no conflicts and illegal diamonds become legal(this needs paraphrasing) .

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The illicit trade is transported from oversea regions for example the French Guyana to Europe 25 Sep 2017 - and order Food Production in the Philippines essay editing Resource depletion Essay of custom finance papers natural resources has become a major focus of governments Resources that Affects the Economic Status of the Philippines 15-10-2013 Asia Philippines: A country prone to natural disasters .

According to Shanty and Mishra (2008) identified the extent to which diamond smuggling is an organised crime.

They illustrated through their studies that in regional locality such as South East Asia, extremist groups such as Hezbollah evoke in the trade of natural resources such as diamond smuggling amongst different countries to build a mass of wealth. The reality examined here is that these extremist groups organise the substantial agenda of the trade of smuggling diamonds to another region in under discreet surveillance by the leader of the extremist group. The finances gained for selling the diamonds are used for terrorist organisations operating.

Moreover, Shanty and Mishra(2008) illustrated that it is reported to have affianced in organised handle contrand of natural resources.

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With reference to Shanty and Mishra's (2008) study they suggested that organised crime is a systematic illegal form of activity with the organisers behind the crime bearing strategies to increase wealth and power through government and it's law legislations.

Referring to these academics on the platform of the phenomena of conflict diamonds as an organised crime is evident in the society of the countries it takes place in This essay will outline trafficking of natural resources in particularly focusing in on diamond smuggling often known as conflict diamonds. If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom International Relations and Politics essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact .

A systematic case study which depicts the relevant dimension of the extent of diamond smuggling defined as organised. Sigel and Nelen(2007) studies outlined that the concept of organised crime is vague through it's content s it a factor which would need to establish if the process involves a solo criminal or if it has to consist a large number of individuals to form an organised criminal group. Paoli (2002) cited in Sigel and Nelen (2007) illustrated that there are two elementary perspectives of examining the extent of diamond smuggling as an organised crime.

The first element that he examined was the quantity of illegitimate imports and the second element was a outsized scale organisation with a outsource of distinct identity.

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Paoli's(2002) was an evident illustration that Siegel and Nelen(2007) argued that the organised platform diamond smuggling is form of exploitation of civilians through rebelling artilleries enforcements addressing diamond crime activity from Europe and the US which then arrive at planed structure of the Antwerp case study is convincing to academics as with reference to Senaat (2001) argued the diamond trade is prone to intrusion of organised conflict economies attract organised crime like a 2001 ( needs changing) According to Peleman (1999) studies identify that Russian experienced criminal groups who were settled in Antwerp ran the business of the diamond trade .

In particular he emphasized that the Russian mafia organisation played a drastic role in the division of how the good were traded Personal Responsibility toward the Natural World essay, buy custom Personal Responsibility toward the Natural World essay paper cheap, Personal Basing on this argument, we therefore, have a responsibility towards the natural world, more specifically towards the natural resources deemed vital for survival. Some of the .

The operations were taking place in Sierra Leone whilst the Russian mafia organisation were located for their firms in Antwerp as a concealment for illicit undertakings. Peleman(1999) highlighted through his research that some of the smugg;ed diamonds from Africa to Antwerp ended up on legal markets through jewellery items as the legimatcy of this trade is on occasions anticipated with official diamond dealer. Not what you're looking for?If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom International Relations and Politics essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

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