can also check my PhD study, which employs ICT literacies within English language learning contexts. You might be interested to see introduction and review of literature for a thoughtful analysis of how ICT has changed the learning process, and how the Internet - in particular - shaped today's literacy.

Web-based new literacies and EFL curriculum design in teacher education: A design study for expanding EFL student teachers’ language-related literacy practices in an Egyptian pre-service teacher education programme. Graduate School of Education, College of Social Sciences and International Studies, University of Exeter, UK.

Good luck!I don't know which sector you are looking for, but in the school sector the choking point is the uptake if ICT Jump to Should i get communication technology paper - For a paper to make ends meet alleged for this reward, on tap nadir particular of the authors .

Cambridge igcse information and communication technology (0417)

Hence it is better to look for an approach that is facilitating the uptake. The results of a comprehensive USD 15 million project addressing this have been published with Springer and can be downloaded from /book/10.

1007%2F978-3-319-19366-3 For example in chapter 2 you will find an approach using scenarios. This approach was used in more than 2000 classrooms.

7 RecommendationsI agree with the above views on 'establishing your focus'. For example, when I was thinking about doing research that connects ICT with English language learning in the year 2000, things were completely different.

Can anyone suggest some research papers/project work on

It's no longer a new learning/teaching approach, especially with the emergence of web 2. People nowadays are talking about a more INTERACTIVE and user-friendly generation of the web that makes some software - and even hardware like mouse and keyboard - very obsolete.

This applies to my PhD thesis which I submitted and passed in 2011: If I'm doing the same topic nowadays, I'll definitely do it severely differently.

So, instead of talking about a general umbrella term - such as ICT - you might need to - as a colleague advises above - take a specific learning approach which integrates ICT facilities or indulge them into the learning process Revise for exams with past papers and use the mark schemes to assess performance. Teachers can get past papers earlier, starting 10 days after the exam, from .

You might, for example, think about key terms or minor topics such as: integrating semantic web for meaningful learning' - 'new forms of online communication and interaction' - 'facilitating learning communities through ICT tools' - 'using social networking in learning' - 'mobile-based learning' - 'corpus-based learning' - 'meaningful web-based learning', etc.

Ieee xplore: ieee transactions on communication technology

Top access relevant literature, go to the EDITLibrary and search for TPACK. Recent published work I have been involved in related to the $8 million Teaching Teachers for the Future Project (TTF) conducted in 39 Universities in Australia.

Developing Graduate TPACK Capabilities in Initial Teacher Education Programs: Insights from the Teaching Teachers for the Future Project, The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher. Teaching Teachers for the Future (TTF) Project TPACK Survey: Summary of the Key Findings.