How can it be free?Free software falls into two categories: promotional freebies, usually hoped to serve form of commercial again, and software developed to help people fight back against big software providers. The latter has grown hugely as more people have embraced open source projects, where the building blocks – big chunks of code – are free for everybody to adapt and improve.

Click the categories below to read more about the types of free software available.

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After all, having a product sitting on millions of PCs is a fantastic marketing tool.

They then try to persuade you to upgrade to "advanced" or "corporate" versions These include: Communications Leaflets Posters Presentations Publications Department templates A pack of Select 'Save'; Go to the location where you have saved you template in order to open and edit it; Some To do this click 'extract all files' in the top left corner once you re-open the zip file. In each About this site..

Targeting certain demographics is another long-term tactic – eg, drawing in 'poor' students with free offers, and hoping they'll be willing to pay for the software once graduated. Open source softwareAs well as being free, here the code used to write the program (effectively the program itself) is available too, so anybody that wants to can work on improving it. It's constantly being honed and updated, but tech support is often limited as there are no big bucks backing it up.

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Freeware and sharewareAs the name suggests, freeware costs nothing, though some developers request a donation if you like it Toss your PowerPoint slides and learn to tell good stories instead. Retail Trade & Wholesale. Buy Powerpoint Presentation,Literature Research Essay..

The difference is here you can't access the source code, so development is centralised in one location.

Shareware is similar, except here the software's only free for a limited period, after which you have to either pay to register it, or lose some of the functionality (or have an annoying reminder message pop up every time you use it). Generally there's less shareware and freeware available as more software goes open source, which is a good thing for people that are easily irritated by 'nag screens' asking you to buy a full version of the product (ie, just about everyone, ever). Free Microsoft Office for students and teachersIf you're a student or working in education and have an academic email address that can receive external email, you may be able to get a couple of decent freebies from Microsoft.

Free Microsoft OfficeWhat do you get? The ability to download the entire Office software suite – including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access – on up to five PCs or Macs (the last two are on PC-only).

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9% of universities, 87% of colleges and a "large number" of schools in the UK are eligible 18 Jun 2018 - You need a simpler presentation app. That's the aim of a wave of new presentation software, including simpler online versions of PowerPoint .

How do I get it? Enter your academic email address on the Office website. You'll be asked to log in through your institution's online portal and if you're eligible, you'll be redirected to a page where you can download the software. 1TB free online storageWhat do you get? A whopping 1TB of free online storage through OneDrive (others now only get 5GB free) and use of collaborative platforms like Yammer and SharePoint.

Who can get it? Again, this is aimed at students and staff with an academic email address, though the university, college or school doesn't have to have licensed Office as above.

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You'll be asked to log in through your institution's online portal, then follow the instructions 30 Apr 2018 - Explore dozens of the best apps for college students that can help Excel, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft Office products that you use. Start using one of the convenient website bookmarking apps in order to keep track of .

How long can I get these for?You can use the free Microsoft Office and/or the free online storage for as long as you're enrolled at or employed by the academic institution.

Microsoft says student eligibility may need to be be reverified at any time. If you graduate or leave, the Office applications enter a 'reduced-functionality' mode (meaning documents can be viewed but you can't edit them or create new ones). OneDrive and other online services accessed through your academic address will also stop working.

What if I'm not eligible?If your school doesn't qualify, Microsoft suggests asking your IT department to consider licensing Office through Microsoft's Volume Licensing program.

Alternatively, if you really must have Microsoft Office and the alternatives below won't do, full and part-time students at academic institutions can get a four-year subscription to Office 365 University for £59 Enter your uni, college or school email address on the Office website. Impress: Presentation software, it's the equivalent of Microsoft PowerPoint. Based on the source code of OpenOffice (which is a good alternative if you've a Microsoft's stripped-down Office Online includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote..

Free Microsoft Office alternativesFor those who aren't able to get Microsoft's Office suite for free, the package is a costly proposition with the single-user subscription costing £59.

99/year (or £48ish on Amazon* at the time of writing). Yet you can furnish your machine with equivalents to most of its applications for nothing, thanks to open source alternatives. LibreOffice is an open source project which includes six word-processing programs.

2, is now out, and it looks and feels much more like its Microsoft counterparts.

The programs included in LibreOffice are:Writer: A word processor, it's the equivalent of Microsoft Word. Calc: A spreadsheet program, its equivalent of Excel.

Impress: Presentation software, it's the equivalent of Microsoft PowerPoint Organize Your Presentations Like a Pro: You'll learn how to use the Slide Master The lack of attention to detail is a top reason for lower bonuses and poor increasingly case study-based, especially at smaller firms and for buy-side roles. for use in profile and potential buyer/seller slides, and you'll learn the trade-offs .

Base: A database, it's the equivalent of Microsoft Access.

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Charts: A program for creating and embedding charts and graphs.

Combined, they make for a powerful suite of programs. It also works with Microsoft's 'docx' standard, which most free office software isn't compatible with.